Pierre de Buyl's homepage

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Research interests

Chemical physics

I work on the coupling of chemistry and hydrodynamics in the context of self-propelled compounds, also called nanomotors.

Computational model for a Janus nanomotor

Systems with long-range interactions (LRI)

LRI systems, among which unscreened electrostatic and gravitational systems, possess peculiar thermodynamical and dynamical properties.

Resolution of the Vlasov equation

The Vlasov equation is adequate to study kinetic phenomena in systems with LRI. I perform numerical simulations of the Vlasov equation in one dimension for some LRI systems, allowing for a study independent of the number of particles. Below is an example of a simulation showing fine scale structure in the short-time dynamics of the Hamiltonian Mean-Field model (see paper "On the effectiveness of mixing in violent relaxation").

Mixing in the HMF model

Scientific computing

Most of the above interests imply the use of numerical tools. Part of my research activity involves writing simulation and/or numerical code.

Conferences and workshops participation


Colleagues and/or co-authors

Links of scientific interest

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